Well, it’s not the Western Conference Finals matchup that everyone wanted (Spurs vs. Warriors), but it is Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook taking on Steph Curry and the best-regular-season-team-ever, so there’s that.

It seems like forever ago now, but the Thunder made the Finals in 2012, a few years ahead of schedule, back when our mate James Harden was still coming off the bench thanks to old mate Scotty Brooks (RIP).

Well, now it’s our time. Durant and Westbrook are in their prime of their careers. Sam Presti has surrounded them with a young, athletic group that has stood up to the pressure of the Playoffs better than anyone expected. [Read More]

I don’t know about you, but for all the talk about the first round being somewhat of a letdown, I am finding myself thoroughly entertained. We have two impending Game 7’s to come with the Heat vs Hornets and the Raptors vs Indiana, and 3 of the top 4 seeds out West have survived through to the second round, with the plucky Blazers upsetting the Clippers (shout out to Blake ‘Tyson’ Griffin).

The second round will be pure fire, with the highlight being the latest chapter of the Spurs vs Thunder rivalry. Let’s check out what we’re likely to see in the second round of the Western Conference playoffs.

Matchup 1: San Antonio Spurs (2) vs Oklahoma City Thunder (3)

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What a time to be alive. The NBA is going through a new Golden Age, with Steph Curry playing the role Michael Jordan played in the ’90s as the face of the game. And there’s no more exciting time of the season than the Playoffs.

As much as I love watching the Sixers lose by 20 points to the Milwaukee Bucks  in January, it just doesn’t compare to the intensity of the playoffs. (1)

The Playoffs are the bomb, because there are stakes on every game. Best of seven, first to four games wins, fuck or walk.

Let’s get into it as I preview the matchups in each conference and make some half-baked predictions. (2)
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