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In a time of sweeping change and turmoil, what is the role of the media today?

Hello, Obama? It’s Trump you probably remember me I’m very rich and successful.”

It seems every day we are waking up to political news more shocking than yesterday — and lately the bar has been set pretty high!

The first 10 days of the Trump presidency have been nothing short of chaos — and for many – turmoil and distress.

It is at times such as these that we the people turn to the media to inform us about what is going on in our world.

For a long time — decades — the press, despite clear flaws and agendas, has held a certain kind of respect in the public eye. A trust, if you will.

Subconsciously, when we picked up a newspaper (aging myself here), or read the website of a recognized news organization such as the New York Times, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, or turned on the six o’clock news on CNN, we could read or watch the news with the understanding that the story has been vetted, facts checked, with both sides of the argument presented fairly.

It’s an unfortunate reality that today, for many of us, that implicit trust in the media has been eroded. Each news story is viewed with skepticism or downright suspiscion.

This is not necessarily unfair. The emergence of alternative media such as Breitbart News and countless, blatantly fake news sites which spread their stories with great effect on Facebook and other social media, have no doubt contributed to this erosion in faith placed in the more traditional media outlets.

Here are two screenshots from Breitbart’s home page today: 

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Well, it’s not the Western Conference Finals matchup that everyone wanted (Spurs vs. Warriors), but it is Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook taking on Steph Curry and the best-regular-season-team-ever, so there’s that.

It seems like forever ago now, but the Thunder made the Finals in 2012, a few years ahead of schedule, back when our mate James Harden was still coming off the bench thanks to old mate Scotty Brooks (RIP).

Well, now it’s our time. Durant and Westbrook are in their prime of their careers. Sam Presti has surrounded them with a young, athletic group that has stood up to the pressure of the Playoffs better than anyone expected. [Read More]

I don’t know about you, but for all the talk about the first round being somewhat of a letdown, I am finding myself thoroughly entertained. We have two impending Game 7’s to come with the Heat vs Hornets and the Raptors vs Indiana, and 3 of the top 4 seeds out West have survived through to the second round, with the plucky Blazers upsetting the Clippers (shout out to Blake ‘Tyson’ Griffin).

The second round will be pure fire, with the highlight being the latest chapter of the Spurs vs Thunder rivalry. Let’s check out what we’re likely to see in the second round of the Western Conference playoffs.

Matchup 1: San Antonio Spurs (2) vs Oklahoma City Thunder (3)

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